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Stuttgart, den 31.10.2019

Our photo report on project Moringa Oleifera


Stuttgart, den 24.12.2017

STW e.V. supports the work of the Artist Anja Münstermann.

What is art? A reproduction of life? An interplay of light and shadow? A sound that you can not hear? In any case, it's not just "creating works of art". It is a passion for her.

Stuttgart, den 10.07.2017

By exemption decision of 21.06.2017 by Finanzamt Stuttgart corporations, it was confirmed once again that STW e.V. serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged non-profit charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 21 ff. AO.


Stuttgart, den 24.02.2017

STW e.V. supports the work of the artist Kiki Bragard.

To the photos: These are magnets with works of art (own production). Depending on the motif, the magnets are between 9 x 9 cm and 10 x 18 cm approximately. Material: photo on foamboard, with magnet on the back. Seperatly packaged.

Stuttgart, den 15.02.2017

 STW eV and International Charitable Foundation "Children-Chernobyls invalides" signed an agreement on co-operation in humanitarian programs for the disabled children of Chernobyl.

Stuttgart, den 07.10.2016

Children of a painting school paint pots for Moringa tree seedlings.

Stuttgart, den 10.09.2016

Save The World supports Speed Kicker Masters 2016 in Germany. The moderation and the tournament management are carried out by Mola Adebisi and the world champion Katrin Matsushita.

Stuttgart, den 04.02.2015

Vlad Freymann and Alex Sydorenko  in the Name of STW e.V. and Global United FC e.V.  have signed a memorandum about collaboration.

Intention: To create a clean and healthy future for us and our children, to help thoseones whose future needs to be supported. Global United has three goal targets: aid projects, charity matches, guerilla marketing. Football isn´t only a mass phenomenom and part of everyday culture but the popular sport number one worldwide too! Football can cause tears and dolor – but great joy and euphoria, enthusiasm and motivation alike. We are useing this emotion and transfer it into our projects in order to help.